Private Residence 1

Chicago, Illinois

About the Project

The restoration and expansion of this 1880s Greystone was meant to enhance the experience of the existing space, while creating additional space for a growing family where they needed it most. The work on the front façade included the restoration of historically appropriate detailing and materials, window replacement, reconstruction of dormer roofing, new flashing and exterior ornamentation.  The soaring, glassy two-level additions to the rear and front façades draw light deep into interior spaces, transforming the home into one with expansive, bright living spaces; each is connected by exterior terraces that embrace a jewel-like garden shielded from the alley by an expanded garage. A conservatory-style living room was added, under which a new basement den, guest suite and exercise space now sit.  A dining conservatory overlooking the interior garden was also added, serving as an expansion of a fully-renovated kitchen.  A new basement playroom beneath the kitchen connects to the outdoors, suggesting a secret garden hideaway.

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