Lake Geneva Residence

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

About the Project

The new single-family residence and boathouse are situated on a steep site, sloping more than 140 feet from top to lake shore, overlooking Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva. The modern cabin structures are carefully designed to serve as a gateway to the beautiful lake and surrounding landscape. Each story is tiered to follow the grade of the site, creating outdoor spaces on each floor— a gathering space off the main floor, a more secluded balcony perched off the second floor and a covered three seasons room off the walkout basement. The three seasons room opens to the swimming pool terrace, and the procession continues to a series of steps down to the lake where the boathouse sits, a 400 square foot structure with barn doors that open to a small existing beach area.

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Northworks :   Bill Bickford, Molly Douglas
Photographer :   Reagen Taylor