Graceland Cemetery

Chicago, Illinois

About the Project

The Graceland Chapel was designed in 1888 by Holabird & Roche for the Graceland Cemetery. In 2009, Northworks returned this granite stone chapel to its original Arts and Crafts style and beauty. The extensive restoration project included recreating a sanctuary space with open views to the cemetery grounds, skylights to fill the interior with natural light and a new columbarium, a structure of vaults lined with recesses for the placement cinerary urns.

Northworks has continued to advise on and provide design assistance for various monuments at Graceland Cemetery, including Daniel Burnham’s bridge and island, the Palmer Mausoleum, William LeBaron Jenney’s memorial and, most recently, Hall of Famer Ernie Banks’ monument.


Northworks :   Bill Bickford, Nate Lielasus, Keith Labutta