Honoring the Past: Restoration, Renovation, and Reuse

News | February, 2020

Northworks honors existing architecture and buildings by restoring, renovating, and reuse.  For an 1880’s Chicago Greystone in Lincoln Park, we created additional room for a growing family while maintaining the historic integrity of the home. Our team restored the front façade with historically appropriate detailing and materials, window replacement, reconstruction of dormer roofing, new flashing, and exterior ornamentation. 

On an adjacent lot, we added a conservatory-style living room above a lower level guest suite, den, and exercise area. We expanded the fully-renovated kitchen by adding a dining conservatory. The soaring, glassy two-level additions to the front and rear façades draw light deep into interior spaces and connect with exterior terraces. For the children, a playroom beneath the kitchen leads to the garden while an expanded garage provides privacy.


Leaving the town for the country, we converted a dilapidated 19th-century barn on a 60-acre farm outside Niles, Michigan, into a weekend getaway. Northworks collaborated closely with a barn restoration consultant and local contractor for a thorough investigation of the existing structure. Retaining the building’s frame, we preserved its original rural beauty while taking advantage of its spacious interior volumes and natural materials.

North daytime elevation
View of the Living room from the TV area

Northworks welcomes the challenges and rewards of historical restorations and renovations. We currently have the honor of remodeling and expanding a William Francis Cody designed Palm Springs Home constructed in 1962. Cody was a pioneer of Desert Modernism responsible for both residential and commercial buildings in the area. The house showcases the architect’s archetypical take on California living with privacy at the front of the house, opening up to expansive views of the backyard and pool seen through huge glass windows.