Our Mission

At Northworks, we believe that working as a team is the best way forward. To us, this means that the opinions and ideas of all stakeholders matter and are the magic behind the flow of ideas and expertise that allow us to meet the aesthetic, functional, sustainable and budgetary goals of our clients.

Northworks Architects and Planners is a Chicago architecture firm.

Our Team

Established in 2005, Northworks was inspired by our shared passion for the built world. In the years since, we’ve successfully combined our visions, resulting in a range of projects that are refined, yet approachable; classic, yet forward-thinking and always reflective of our clients’ lifestyles and design goals.  We are not alone in these accomplishments.  The depth of experience and talent within our team allows us to learn and grow while cultivating a style of practice united by common values: a belief in partnership, excellence in design and an appreciation for individuality.  These are the notions upon which we founded Northworks.

Founding Partners – Bill Bickford and Austin DePree

Our Culture

At Northworks, we maintain a studio environment in the truest sense. We are architects, planners and preservationists, but we are also motorcycle enthusiasts, marathoners, parents, writers and photographers. We believe in sound methods of practice and production, but we know a thing or two about happy hours. We work as a team, sharing best practices, then compete on the softball field, all in good fun. Here, we inspire, create, learn and accomplish.

Together, we are Northworks.


Northworks is a full service architecture and planning firm, with offices in Chicago, Jackson, WY, San Francisco and Philadelphia.  Our team offers new building design, historic preservation, site planning, construction management, building conditions analysis and interior design services, including custom furniture.  Northworks is LEED accredited and licensed to practice architecture in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Office Retreat – Gordon Beach, MI