Posted by on March 31, 2014

“… [Bill] Bickford designed a home that’s both contemporary and technologically advanced, and also fits the rural context and the family’s desire for wide-open spaces, family gatherings and relaxing weekends…”

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Thistle Hill Farm Project Page

Posted by on June 07, 2013

“…a small guest house that packs a really big punch… this gorgeous, charming property set along a winding stretch of the Guadulpe River will leave your guests wanting to come back and stay again and again…”

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Hill Country Retreat project page

Posted by on May 28, 2013

“…while they enjoy Dover Sole in Champagne Truffle Sauce, we cannot get over how 5,562 square feet of utterly empty space has been transformed into one of the city’s nicest upscale eateries…”

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Tortoise Club project page

Posted by on April 25, 2013

Thoughtfully sited on a steeply sloping hillside, this new residence in southwestern Wisconsin has been designed to provide an elegant, contemporary retreat for its owners. The form and orientation of the house accentuates the expansive, panoramic views which begin at the interior spaces and extend beyond the treetops to the rolling, wooded landscape of the preserve below.

The construction of the house employs a number of environmentally-conscious components. The lower level is designed to sit partially below grade, allowing the house to graciously converge with the slope of the natural topography while using the surrounding mass of the earth as insulation. The roof above the new garage will be fully landscaped using native prairie grasses and wildflowers. The curved standing-seam metal roof above the main volume will support an array of solar photovoltaic panels that are engineered to produce 8.5 kW of electric power to serve the entire new building.

Cliff House project page

Posted by on February 04, 2013

“…We were able to achieve a balanced blend between a modern and traditional aesthetic by incorporating locally sourced custom components that were conceived in our office and handmade by skilled fabricators in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois…”

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Howe Street Residence project page

Posted by on December 13, 2012

“…Carved out of a space that formerly housed a gym on Chicago’s iconic State Street, the Tortoise Club’s main dining room is sheathed in dark woods taken from the historic Pump Room…”

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Tortoise Club project page

Posted by on May 06, 2012

Ada Street, ranked one of Chicago’s top restaurants, brings new energy to the Elston Cooridor. A wood screen entry leads to a hidden dining and bar area which opens to a grass courtyard, all designed within the modern industrial aethetic. Great location below Northworks!

Ada Street project page