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“…While a student at Trinity College, William Bickford and his roommate spent many nights talking about their passion for architecture and how to best forge a path to professional success and personal happiness…”

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Posted by on February 26, 2013

… “A renovated barn is old and full of character, simple and large in its form. It’s capable of containing a range of spaces… it’s handmade and industrial—as well as an antique that has had new life breathed into it…”

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Posted by on June 05, 2012

“…being sure to keep the building’s geometry intact, and in a nod to the original tractor-size openings, [DePree] installed 15-foot-tall black steel windows on two sides of the barn and flanked them with crank-operated panels that slide open and shut like traditional barn doors.

The silo and the two interior “corncribs” atop the loft (concealing an elevator and the master bathroom) complete the illusion of a working barn. “An old corncrib would have had gaps in the siding to allow air in, so we designed spaces between the boards in those structures,” DePree says. “At night they glow like lanterns…”

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Michigan Barn project page